Break down large tasks into multi-level subtasks

Making even the most daunting projects feel achievable!

Mightyday is not your typical to-do or calendar app.

Goal setting is stressful and overwhelming. Research says 92% of people don't achieve their goals. Mightyday is a tool to properly divide the task into many levels of subtasks so that you have an action item every day.

They are all reaching their Goals.

This is exactly what I wanted! Keeping your events in one place with smart goals and also tracking them! The super clean app, Almost smooth!! Bravo Keep the good work! Tnx.


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I‘m so glad I found this app! I love to plan and have multiple personal projects at once, and this App is just perfect for that/Goalsetting in general! Thanks so much for making this :)


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Love the way this app breaks bigger goals down into manageable chunks. Extremely helpful for those who tend to procrastinate because the task seems so overwhelming


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This is the best app you can use for keeping track of your classes and assignments. 10/10 recommend.

Kiki Jacob

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I can't even explain how great this app is, I've tried similar apps, but most of them can't function well without a premium subscription.

Handrea Musa

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I really love this app especially for its simple ui and interface,love how you can add timetables and subtasks and the quick selection for the day you want to designate a task to as well.

Charlyz Gozo

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I have been looking for an app like this for SO long! It's INCREDIBLE! And has such an easy interface with all the weeks, months, yearly goals, etc

Bonito Flakes

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This app is by far my favorite and the most effective productivity app. I've tried several of these types of apps but I could never bring myself to consistently use them until this app. I highly recommend it.

Tulika chaudhury

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